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How to Get a Youtube Subscription Cheaper

February 09, 2023

Tired of paying full price for your favorite YouTube subscription? 

Youtube Subscription Cheaper
Youtube Subscription Cheaper

Want access to your favorite content while saving money? Then look no further! ShareMembrShip helps you get YouTube subscriptions at cheaper prices.

Youtube Subscription Cheaper

Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

Step 1:
Sign up for ShareMembrShip
The first step to cheaper YouTube subscriptions is signing up for ShareMembrShip. The platform allows you to share your subscriptions with others, so you can split costs and save money. Just create an account, add a YouTube subscription and start looking for fellow subscribers.

Step 2:
Offer subscriptions to fellow subscribers
You can offer your YouTube subscription to fellow subscribers by signing up for ShareMembrShip. You can set the number of co-subscribers you want and the price you are willing to pay. You can also set the subscription duration and terms of use.

Step 3:
Find co-subscribers
The next step is to find joint subscribers who are interested in sharing the subscription. You can search for co-subscribers by filtering results by price, location, and other criteria. Once you've found co-subscribers, you can save money by sharing subscriptions.

Step 4:
Protect your transactions
ShareMembrShip ensures that your transactions are secure and easy to manage. You don't have to worry about anything as the platform handles all your financial transactions. You receive a portion of the subscription fee directly into your account and co-subscribers receive their own. 

Step 5:
Enjoy your YouTube subscription
After you have successfully shared your YouTube subscription with your fellow subscribers, you can enjoy all your favorite content. With ShareMembrShip you don't have to pay full price for your favorite YouTube subscription. You can enjoy them for a much lower price and still have access to the same content.

In summary, ShareMembrShip is the solution you've been looking for if you want cheap YouTube subscriptions. Save money and get access to all your favorite content by sharing your subscription with others. Sign up now and enjoy low cost YouTube subscriptions!

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Protection of your data

February 09, 2023

Protection of your data

Protection of your data

Protection of your data

Protection of your data

ShareMembrShip implements many means to protect your data. If we cannot describe all the technical solutions implemented, to avoid disclosing information which could be misused, know that the company's technology has been designed by experienced professionals in the sector.

The system is largely protected with Firebase, SSL certificate, encrypted messages, passwordless authentication, but great attention has been paid in particular to the data and identifiers of subscriptions, which are stored with strong encryption (AES 256), and from end to end.

The data exchanged in secure Chat with your subscribers benefits from this same security treatment.

Finally, all the information related to your means of payment and your bank account are stored only on the servers of our partner Stripe, which hosts them with a PCI-DSS security level. Even our team does not have access to it.

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Free subscription sharing | Subscription sharing platform

February 09, 2023

 Free subscription sharing

Free subscription sharing
Free subscription sharing

ShareMembrShip is the subscription sharing platform that guarantees you no fees when you offer your subscription for sharing.

Indeed, thanks to our efficient payment service, we guarantee that all income earned on the platform, credited to your virtual wallet, will be paid to you in full and without deduction. No commission is taken on transfers from your ShareMembrShip account to your bank account.

In order to be able to maintain this advantage, note however that it is necessary to reach the amount of 10€ of transfer to be executed. But almost all ShareMembrShip users earn much more than this amount each month, since the average earnings are more than 350€ per year.

I want to enjoy it, I share!

We invite you to consult our FAQ if you have any other questions, or to understand how to add your RIB to receive the funds.

Buyer Protection Program | Who pays for buyer protection?

February 09, 2023

 Buyer Protection Program

Buyer Protection Program

At ShareMembrShip, we want our buyers to be able to complete their subscription securely.

With each purchase, there is always co-subscriber protection and its proper functioning or guaranteed refund.

Secure funds

The operation and compliance of the subscription are guaranteed.

Once the payment card is verified, the funds are securely blocked until the end of the current month. Your money will not be released to the subscription owner until the subscription month is successfully completed.

Secure exchange

After purchase, you will have access to subscriptions and information provided by the organizer. If this is not enough, or if you need an invitation, you can exchange information with the host via secure and moderated messaging. All interactions in this chat are thoroughly reviewed by our team so that we can maintain a history.

Quick and easy refund

Finally, you can file a complaint if your request to the owner is not answered within 24 hours.

Our team will verify and cancel your participation free of charge if necessary.

You can shop with confidence. Indeed, according to our General Conditions of Use, we will refund your subscription if:

  • It does not work,
  • Stopped working and no response from owner.
  • Does not match the description
Simply click "Need Help?" on your profile, make a request within 48 hours of subscription.


Do not purchase identical subscriptions while waiting for a response from the subscription owner.

Once the order has been placed, if your subscription is working well, you are done with your contract for the current month. Be careful if the caller asks you out or sends you a phone number/email. Here we guarantee the security of the exchange. For this reason, we encourage you to stay in our messaging system to chat and make ShareMembrShip secure payments for your transactions. If there is a subscription issue and the transaction is not completed via secure ShareMembrShip chat, the buyer protection above cannot be activated.

Also see our FAQ which covers many other topics.

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Here's Why Subscription Sharing Is Legal

February 09, 2023
Here's Why Subscription Sharing Is Legal
Here's Why Subscription Sharing Is Legal

You may have heard of the practice of sharing subscriptions with friends and family. Sure, you've always wanted it, but have questions about its legality? Here are the facts and why subscription sharing is perfectly legal.

Why Subscription Sharing Is Legal

Terms and conditions

Many subscription providers include terms in their agreements that allow subscriptions to be shared among the same family and friends, often without restrictions.

In general, subscription sharing is permitted as long as the usage is reasonable and does not exceed a certain number of concurrent users. ShareMembrShip helps meet these limits with a template that prefills the number of seats allowed. These subscriptions are therefore designed by companies to be used by several users with different accounts or profiles.

So why should you rob yourself when you're paying for it?

Case law in favor of shared subscriptions

There are legal precedents that indicate that subscription sharing is not considered illegal. In fact, subscription sharing is often considered a fair practice that does not harm the business interests of the subscription provider as long as the marketing is responsible.

Economic benefit and moderate risk

Subscription sharing offers consumers many economic advantages. Sharing a subscription reduces costs for each participant while enjoying the same service. It is an ideal solution for families or groups looking to save money while enjoying quality services.

For service or media publishers, subscriptions shared between several users are a considerable source of revenue. Indeed, studies show that subscriptions shared with several, although allowing the publisher a lower profit per user, ultimately bring him more turnover because the users:

Customers are more loyal and stay subscribed longer

Subscribe to the service and participate financially when they would never have subscribed, terminated or would not necessarily have chosen this service

Are a marketing vector, because a person unfamiliar with the service who finds himself invited by third parties, will probably get used to it.

Finally, the risks of sharing are very low or even non-existent if you have taken care to choose unique passwords that are not used for your other accounts.

Subscription sharing may seem controversial, but facts and case law clearly show that it is a legal practice. In addition, subscription sharing can bring many financial benefits to consumers who want to save money while having a real interest for the publishers who developed them. Share your subscription and enjoy all the benefits they can offer!

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